Method to Calculate the Gift Tax

Feb 20, 2024 By Triston Martin

A federal levy, known as the "gift tax, " is imposed on individuals who give gifts of money or property to another without receiving anything in return. Despite appearances, three crucial Internal Revenue Service procedures ensure that most Americans will never owe a dime in gift taxes to the government. But consult a financial planner or tax expert if you want to know how much tax you would owe on a gift of money or property.

A gift tax may be due if the donor is not the recipient's spouse or a dependent of the donor. In some cases, the federal excise tax on gifts can be as high as 40%. In most cases, the giver, not the recipient, is responsible for the tax. There are no short-term tax ramifications for the recipient, but they may have to pay capital gains tax when selling the gifted property.

However, this tax does not apply to all donations. Several types of donations are not subject to any tax at all. Due to the annual gift tax exclusion and the lifetime exemption, the gift tax has no impact on the finances of the vast majority of Americans.

Exclusion from Gift Tax Each Year

Transfers of money or property to another person without receiving something of like value in return are subject to the federal gift tax.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) established annual exclusions for gifts to charity. A person can give up to $16,000 to as many individuals as they like in 2022 without paying taxes on the gifts, an increase from the $15,000 yearly exemption in 2021. For this year only, a grandfather can give his ten grandkids a total of $160,000 without incurring any gift taxes.

This same father might break the law by giving each grandchild $20,000 instead of the $14,000 allowed under the annual exclusion limit. In this case, the grandfather may have to pay gift taxes on the extra $40k.

But what about people who have already tied the knot? In a single year, married couples can give up to $20,000. If Cynthia and Joe, a married couple, did this, they could annually contribute $32,000 to each of their three nieces and nephews.

Permanent Exclusion From Gift Tax

The gift tax will not be applied if a gift is made that is more than $15,000 higher than the yearly limit. Individuals can transfer up to $12.06 million (up from $11.7 million in 2021) in assets and property throughout their lifetime and as part of their estate without incurring gifts or taxes. If a donation that is more than the yearly exclusion amount is made, the excess amount is deducted from the donor's lifetime exemption amount, and no additional taxes are due.

Just take this as an illustration: A grandmother decides to give her granddaughter, who is about to graduate from college, a $30,000 automobile. Technically, Grandma would give away $14,000 more than she could without incurring any additional tax liability because the annual exclusion maximum per gift is $16,000. Because she would have to file a Form 709 with the IRS to disclose the gift and take $14,000 out of her $12.06 million lifetime exemption as a result. Accordingly, she could still make a tax-free gift of up to $12,044,000.

Exemption Capacity Left Over for a Lifetime

Remember that even if you wanted to make a gift of $11,685,000 in 2021, you wouldn't have had to pay any gift taxes because the annual gift tax exemption was only $15,000. Keep in mind that a person's lifetime exemption limit includes both taxable gifts made during a person's lifetime and inherited property.

The Gift Tax: How to Figure It Out This shows that the federal gift tax only applies to those with millions of money to give away. However, determining your gift tax burden is not very complicated if you fall into this category.

Gift taxes, like income taxes, are progressive, with a maximum rate of 40%. If a person receives a sizable present, they may have to fork out a hefty tax sum. However, gift taxes are not owed unless the recipient's lifetime exemption is used.

Financial Advice

A financial advisor can assist you in harvesting losses in your portfolio to help lower your capital gains tax bill. It is not necessarily challenging to locate a competent financial counsellor.

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It's crucial to your investment success to comprehend the ins and outs of capital gains taxation. To estimate how much you would owe in taxes after a sale, use SmartAsset's capital gains tax calculator.

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